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Awareness Week Recap November 23, 2010

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National Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week was a great success in Asheville and Buncombe County this year. During the week of November 14-20 2010, the Asheville-Buncombe Homeless Initiative raised awareness about homelessness, dispelled myths, and talked with the community about existing efforts to end homelessness. Through our partnership with AB Tech, UNCA, Warren-Wilson College, Buncombe County Schools and Libraries, Asheville City Schools and Malaprop’s Bookstore and Café, we were able to reach people throughout the Asheville-Buncombe area.

The week started with a proclamation by City Council, acknowledging the importance of the week. The proclamation was accepted by Homeless Initiative Staff and staff from UNCA’s Key Center, which worked with students on a food drive and other awareness raising activities throughout the week.

AB Tech’s Holly Library featured a display at the entrance of their library for over two weeks that included facts about homelessness and suggestions for related media (books, movies and more). Librarians reported that anywhere from 800-1000 visitors passed by the display each day, leading to requests for information and conversation about homelessness.

Along with AB Tech, UNCA’s Ramsey Library, Buncombe County Libraries, the City of Asheville all featured interactive displays. Filled with information and resources, the displays also prompted individuals to write their thoughts or feelings about homelessness and hang them on the display for others to read and think about.


Buncombe County and Asheville School staff were excited to join us too. They created a list of facts about homelessness available to over forty schools through the Buncombe County website, while the school librarians distributed a list of books about homelessness used by students and teachers to help during classroom discussions and activities.  Students asked each other questions like: “When you went to bed last night, did you have a snack? Did you have a comfortable, safe place to sleep? What is it like to be hungry, or not have a place to call home?” By doing so, our local schools enabled thousands of children to be educated on a very important topic.

To bring the information alive for older students, the Homeless Initiative was pleased to engage in a dialogue about the 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness during a panel discussion hosted by Warren-Wilson College.

Another engaging dialogue on homelessness took place at Malaprop’s. The dialogue was on The Soloist by Steve Lopez, which was selected by Homeless Initiative Facebook fans as the book for the community read.  Everyone at the discussion was so interested in the event that additional discussions and book-reads on the issue of homelessness are now being planned.  To further illuminate the story of The Soloist, UNCA’s Key Center held a movie screening of The Soloist for about 20 students and community members who turned out and made pledges to end homelessness.

The first step towards ending homelessness is to help grow people’s knowledge and, in Asheville-Buncombe this year, we accomplished that over this year’s Homelessness and Hunger Awareness week. Thanks to everyone who helped out and joined in!

To learn more about the Homeless Initiative and how you can get involved, visit our website or Facebook page.



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